Why Amberfy?


AmberAmber is formed over 2 - 10 million years, it’s a plant resin which dripped down the side of trees trapping debris such as seeds, leaves, feathers & even sometimes insects.

So, when you look inside a piece of Amber, you are looking back in time.

10 million years back in time.

Now, that is special.

Special things take time to form.


Search Engine optimisation (SEO)

And SEO is a lot like Amber.

It's not going to take us 10 million years to increase your organic traffic & sales.  We just ask for 3 months.

3 months to show you what we can do to improve your traffic & conversion.

In our experience SEO is as much an art as it is a science.

You’ve got the Amber, why the FY.

FY is an acronym for “Free Yourself”

That’s our promise to ourselves, and to you.  Our goal is to provide a light and meaningful service.

We are not the type of team whose going to schedule in random meetings you don’t need.  Or send you reams and reams of reports to make it look like we’ve done something, but which actually just end up making you feel confused and overwhelmed.

We want to deliver a service which frees up your time and builds confidence in our ability to get on with delivering your monthly SEO Subscription services & the results that go with that.

Freeing your time to do the things in your business you really enjoy!

About Cheryl Clarke

Cheryl ClarkeWorking from the stunning Edinburgh with over 30,000 miles of Scottish countryside to explore, Cheryl is able to combine artistic, creative pursuits of copywriter, painter & steel tongue drummer, with an analytical mind which, naturally wants to find the best & quickest route towards a goal.

As lead consultant & copywriter she can drive your SEO Strategy forward, help you create a focused strategy & ensure every piece of content you put online is a unique reflection of your brand.

Cheryl has a decade of SEO, Digital Marketing & Copy Writing Experience.  She has worked for brands such as HostelBookers, Moneysupermarket.com, Moneysavingexpert, Zizoo.com, Logojoy.com & many more.

Cheryl has worked directly with brands & also supported other UK Based SEO & Marketing Agencies to deliver high-quality content & SEO for a range of campaigns.

She has connections with hundreds, if not thousands of Uk based bloggers in the parenting, lifestyle & travel space.   She graduated from University with a 2:1 in English Literature & Creative Writing & her passion continues to be content & copywriting.

Cheryl prefers to work with a few clients & projects which she really gels with.

The size of the project dictates the team. It could be just Cheryl working on your project, but if it's a large one she might need the help of several writers.  She has connections with a list of high-quality writers who have been working with her for several years.

Cheryl also has connections with researchers & lead gen experts.  And an even wider network of content creators who she can bring on board if video or audio are needed.

Most of Cheryl's clients are building products and services which either add beauty to the world, or help our planet become more sustainable.  That's the artists & hippy in her shining through!

Cheryl get's really excited when products or services do both!!

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