How Do I Find Blogs Which Accept Guest Posts?

Welcome to the ultimate roundup of blogs which accept guest posts.  There are tons of lists out there covering all niches.  Whether you are looking for technology blogs, small business blogs, beauty blogs or travel you’ll find what you need here so make sure you bookmark this handy resource for guest blogging.

Neil Patel calls guest posting the best inbound marketing strategy out there, & Jeff Goins has written a fantastic post about the benefits of Guest Blogging to drive tons of traffic to your website.

Some of the highlights in Jeff Goins’ post are building relationships and growing your popularity with the search engine – i.e., more search engine traffic.

Both of these people are respected entrepreneurs and marketers.  But I’ll also add building trust growing your referral traffic.

Even just several clicks per month from a post adds up over time, and this lead is going to be very warm.  You’ve already provided a ton of value and associated yourself with a publication they know and trust which means you’ve kicked your relationship off with this person in the best possible way.

In summary, Guest Blogging rocks. And then this is the ultimate roundup of lists covering all niches.  On this page you’ll find access to thousands of blogs which accept guest posts.

Guest Posting Roundup – The Top Lists Of Guest Blogging Opportunities From Around The Web.  Bookmark this resource!


All Niche Mega Lists 200 bogs which accept guest posts (including contact info + difficult rating) 386 Blogs that accept guest posts (analyse these sites before using) 100+ blogs that allow guest posts (alexa + contact info included) 450+ blogs which accept guest posts (domain authority + contact info) 75+ blogs which accept guest posts (including Alexa score) 700+ guest posting sites (details provided in excel with contact info)

1412 + guest post sites from (must sign up to access information)

150+ blogs which allow guest posts (DA and contact info)

1,500 blogs which accept guest posts (carefully analyse these sites before using)

50 blogs which accept guest posts (submit links included)

Small Business Lists

Small business blogs a range of DA and authority (DA included

21 small business guest posting opportunities (Moz rank + Alexa rank)

10 small business blogs which are accepting guest posts (submission tips included)

Technology Lists

25 technology blogs from buzz2fone which allow guest posts (Alexa rank included)’s list of 10 hottest tech blogs accepting guest posts (submission tips included)

Advices Academy 10 tech blogs for guest posting  (Alex rank)

Digital Marketing (seo, web design, marketing)

20 SEO blogs which accept guest posts   – (DA Authority included)

SEO blogs which accept guest posts from Quora

20 Marketing blogs you can pitch guest posts too (DA Authority)

69 guest posting opportunities on marketing blogs (Difficulty rating included)

48 Digital Marketing blogs which accept guest posts  (Alexa Rank)

20 social media blogs which accept guest posts  (DA Authority)

Health, Beauty & Fashion Lists

19 fashion blogs which accept guest posts (moz and Alex rank)

52+ fashion blogs to pitch your guest post too (some paid opps)

105 beauty & makeup blogs which accept guest posts (Alexa rank)

20 health blogs which accept guest posts (moz and Alex rank)

Travel Lists

21 travel blogs which accept guest posts from (moz and Alex rank)

100+ travel blogs looking for guest posters via (some paid ops)

100 travel blogs which accept guest posts  (submission tips)

350+ guest posting opportunities for travel (analyse these sites first)

Guest Blogging Is One Of The Most Effective Methods For Growing Free Traffic


If you prefer to go down the DIY root and do your own outreach research then here is a step by step method for finding guest blogging opportunities.
Step 1: Define your audience before you launch your Guest Blogging Campaign

As with ANY marketing activity, you need to know your audience.  Who is it that you want to attract to your website? With Ginger Marketing, I am targeting female entrepreneurs who are at the second stage of their business.

They already have a base of clients and are looking to increase trust and traffic to take it to the next level. So, I’m not interested in posting on websites which are all about “starting your website” or “launching your business”. These websites have totally the wrong audience for me.

Virtual Assistants are a great niche for me.  I know that if a business owner is looking to hire a Virtual Assistant then it’s very likely they are at the second stage of their business.  This indicates that they are at the growth stage and they are willing to invest and see that investing is a good decision to make.

So for me, Virtual Assistants with a blog are a very good target.

Really break down specifically who you want to get in front of and be creative!

Step 2:  Finding The Right Guest Blogging Opportunities Using Google
The easiest way to find opportunities for Guest Blogging is through Google.  Open up Google now and type:

[Insert your niche] blogs intitle:write for us

Using Virtual Assistant as an example, I would type

Virtual Assistant blog  intitle:”write for us”


You can also use:

[insert niche] blog  intitle:”submit”
[insert niche] blog  inurl:”write for us”
[insert niche] blog  inurl:”submit”

Step 3: Know The Website Stats Before You Pitch Your Guest Blog
We now come full circle to the little rant at the top of this post.  You must know the stats of the website before you spend time writing for them. Pure traffic volume isn’t enough, and engagement is key.

Right-click on each result so that all the websites are in separate tabs.

Go to each one and do a spot check.

This is like a 10 second “Do I want to appear here”.  You can be SUPER SUPERFICIAL at this point.  If you are going to appear on another website providing your expertise you want to make sure you appear somewhere that is respectable, and which you actually resonate with.

I will delete any website that has poor design, copy mistakes, and poor imagery.

This might bring your list of 10 down to a list of only 6 or 7 options.

Open up another tab with this tool:

Enter each website and press submit.  Now you can see an estimate of their traffic and engagement stats.  Here are two websites that came up when I searched for VA Blogging opportunities. ​



Which website would you prefer to Guest Blog on?

I’m sure you said #2, right?

You can see that #2 has an average visit duration of over 5 minutes, pages per visit of 4.33, and a very low bounce rate of 34%.  Whilst number #1 has tons more traffic, their engagement stats just don’t compare.

I hope this post helped! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need further help with your guest posting.